Main Services

Training is an important source in preparing human resources in order to develop their skills and that is reflected positively on the institution performance. Training is the main reason behind the success of each activity and that it explains the progress or failure of any society, also it is responsible for the success or failure of any institution. For the great importance of training, IVORY aims through it to:

  • Giving new employee skills that make him able to perform the duties expected from him in satisfying and correct manner.
  • Developing old employees’ information and abilities to perform their jobs due to continuous development in science and knowledge.
  • Development workers’ capacity to handle jobs or positions with the highest levels when they promoted.
  • Enhance the trainee's self-confidence.

IVORY seeks - in light of the rapid changes and with increased competition and diversity of needs and the increasing need to develop systems, structures and strategies - to put all its capabilities to enable customers of improving performance, building and improving business, and providing innovative and distinctive services to meet their specific needs, so they can achieve their goals and create positive change through using the latest tools and systems, as well as developing best solutions

Electronic Training

IVORY is seeking to create an interactive environment which is rich in applications based on computer technology and networks. which enables the trainee to achieve the training objectives through interacting with the sources, in the shortest possible time, and less an effort, and the highest quality of without complying with the limits of space and time .

We also seek to help trainees on the use information and communication technologies, and available networks for e-learning to study training programs and courses, review them and also to design training program and curriculum on line, as we also seek to prepare trainees for life in the era of digital literacy.