Training and Development Methodology

Analysis participants needs through a survey and evaluation of participant needs of knowledge and skills necessary to enhance performance in the institution. Ivory ensures effective communication before trainings’ beginning with the organization and participants through a program consultant to analyze the participants training needs, taking in account all important factors for Foundation, management, and participant.

Design training programs according to analysis results, working closely with clients to design real training solutions that help participants to effectively and positively respond to the training and scientific curriculum. 

Development of effective, various training activities, so the training doesn’t include only theoretical training workshops, but also more than 32 training method followed by Ivory in its various training programs, thus ensuring transmission of information, improving skills and changing behaviors starting from the training room through applications, activities and training methods applied globally. 

Implementation of training depending on the high efficiency trainers of various countries, to ensure training standards and modern teaching quality, and to expand the participants’ perceptions through transferring  global institutions’ experiences  that achieved great successes in the session field  -Best Practices, taking care of providing professional solutions through field visits and knowing similar projects. 

Evaluation of training process and follow-up of participants in various ways, not limited to training program’s evaluation models but even exceeds to include pre-assessment and during-session and dimensional evaluation, as well as the trainer’s evaluating participants, also Ivory cares about continuing follow-up of participants and positive communication service with institution trainees after the program by electronic communication and social networking sites, permanent and continuous relationship between the trainers and the participants in one hand, and between Ivory team and the beneficiary organization on the other.