1.International Methodology: IVORY seeks to make a change depending on newest training methods and strategies that care about five levels of training according to The ADDIE instruction systems design (ISD), which is considered the best in training field, IVORY gives clients the true value of training.

2.Training and Learning Quality:  IVORY believes that it must ensure the provision of the finest training and education levels and the transfer of expertise and practical skills and scientific to lay the foundations of progress in the Arab world and pay special attention and high priority to the quality of training and education through the performance review and evaluation of training and education provided quality from us periodically to ensure the upgrading and progress of training and education .

3.Teamwork: Which has been chosen for  high capability and experience. Our team is very enthusiastic to work with you and ready to meet your needs and desires whatever it was. We are capable to help you in all of your needs.

4.Professional Trainers: We in IVORY believe that the trainer has the main role in training success and efficiency, for that we cooperate with trainers that are the best in their field from all over the world. And To achieve that  we have strict measures for trainers who conduct our training programs.

5.Focus: Unlike most of training and education companies, IVORY does not depend on the large amount in their annual agenda, but focuses on a limited and specialized number of training programs. And because we believe that quality is more important than quantity, we prepared a limited and focused number of training programs, that meet our customers' Requirement professionally. 

6.Global Partnerships:  IVORY seeks to build valuable partnerships with a number of training and global consulting organizations, aiming to add more value, quality and professionalism to its training and advisory programs, also we aim to make specialized tests in our training field that qualify for certificates of high value. More …. 

7.Meaningful Tourism: All our training programs are accompanied by entertainment tourism programs inside and outside Istanbul, as we invest our special location in Turkey, we give our customers a meaningful entertaining experience, combining fun with education and training. 

8.Development: IVORY seeks to include the latest Administrative Sciences and Global specialized practices in its training programs, through continuous and permanent development. Because we believe in our capacity and development’s importance for our clients. 

9.Training Environment : Training environment plays an important and significant role in raising the quality and efficiency of training process, From this perspective IVORY aims to provide high-level training environment including all necessary training tools to conduct perfect training programs, and to ensure achieving training goals effectively. Therefor prepared a list of basic requirements that must be met in any training environment. 

10.Golden Guarantee:  IVORY seeks to raise training standards in its services, which does not claim to add value, but to ensure that, therefor IVORY offers its customers a golden guarantee for all its training programs, any participant doesn’t get the benefit and added value of training can restore full course fee at the end of first training day.