Mastery Academy UK Partnership

Seeking to perform the best to our trainees and clients, we at IVORY training and consulting signed a partnership contract with MASTERY ACADEMY UK to be their accredited partner in Turkey. to insure that we are providing the newest in management and leadership's training theories and accredited certificates from MASTERY ACADEMY to all IVORY's trainees. as on 1/10/2014, IVORY's Executive Manager signed the partnership contract with MASTERY ACADEMY's Director, to be mentioned, that MASTERY ACADEMY UK is an accredited academy for management and leadership training, which is specialized in the provision of knowledge and professional support to training centers and institutions, and has signed more than 13 strategic partnership contracts with training centers in middle east till 2014. Based on this contract, IVORY was handed the accreditation certificate as a partner in Turkey and it is accredited to issue approved certificates from MASTERY Academy in Britain and take advantage of all its training services. also IVORY is working to sign similar partnerships in Islamic banking and civil society organizations NGOs to be able to provide the latest certification and training courses approved in these fields. We are also committed to make significant partnerships that raise our performance and support our clients and help vary our services.